Submission of manuscripts under Category-I

Please Click Here to submit the Abstract/ Extended Abstract/ Manuscript under Category-I. The selected Abstract/ Extended Abstract/ Manuscript, from the registered papers of Category-I, shall be encouraged for submission to the CHEMBIOEN-2021 Special Issue of the collaborative Journals. The acceptance and registration of any Abstract/ Extended Abstract/ Manuscript to the CHEMBIOEN-2021 is not at all the guarantee of acceptance for the collaborative Journals. The final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of a manuscript shall be taken by the Editorial Board of the respective Journal. Please follow any convenient format for submission under Category-I.

1.A Submission of Abstract/ Extended Abstract/ Manuscript as Book Chapters.
If your manuscript is not accepted by the collaborative journal, it may be given an opportunity to be published as a chapter in the Scopus indexed Springer Book “Advances in Chemical, Bio and Environmental Engineering” (Book series: Environment Science and Engineering). You will also be given a chance to modify your manuscript to enhance/reduce the content of the manuscript.
Please Click Here to submit the Book Chapter for the Book proceedings “Environmental Science and Engineering” (Springer, Scopus indexed). Please Click Here for the format of Book Chapter.

Submission of abstracts under Category-II

Please Click Here to submit the abstract under Category-II. All the abstracts under Category-II should be in desired format (docx) as mentioned under the section Call for Papers. Full papers under this category are not required at any stage.

Last date for paper submission under Category-I and Category-II is August 12, 2021.